The history of the agency Vivien dates back to 1996. Bases of its further activities started to form in years full of changes. New innovative ideas, their realization, own business philosophy, support of new life style and respect for traditions, image, beauty and history...

Agency Vivien is located in Bratislava and is active in various areas with the main focus on advertising, fashion, marketing, art, sport and charity.


IL Divo, September 2014, Bratislava Transmission, Marec 2014, Bratislava Cirque du Soleil, September 2013, Bratislava
Beyoncé, Apríl 2013, Bratislava IL Divo, September 2012, Bratislava Cirque du Soleil, Február 2012, Bratislava
IL Divo, August 2011, Bratislava Leonard Cohen, Október 2010, Bratislava Bob Dylan, Jún 2010, Bratislava
ZZ TOP, Október 2009, Bratislava Leonard Cohen, August 2009, Bratislava Pussy Cat Dolls, Február 2009, Bratislava
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